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How To Make Your Baby Smarter Even Before Birth

Your baby starts feeling and understanding things even when in the womb. A new study published in PLOS ONE proved it. According to this study, a fetus responds more quickly when mother touches their own belly compared to when someone else touched her belly. Not just this, babies also respond …

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Belly Fat Burning Food

No one of us wants to cut down food from our life to reduce weight. We do it halfheartedly, often cheat our weekly diet schedules. But what if eating helped burning fats? Won’t you just welcome this miracle with open arms? Here is the list of such food which has …

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Popular Traditional Drinks and Beverages of India

Traditional Drinks vary from region to region. 28 States of India have their own local drinks and beverages which are both tasty and healthy. They are complimentary with every food you consume otherwise your breakfast, lunch or dinner will finish-off as incomplete. Watch video and let us know, which of …

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Top 5 Indian Desserts

Rice is one of the most important asset of food. Mingled with variety of other elements, it can give you a dish that is both versatile and tasty. And rice itself comes in variety of names! One of them is Basmati rice. Basmati rice is well known in the dessert …

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Car Safety Tips for Pregnant Women

When you become mother then it is the most beautiful feeling in the world. There are important car care tips which you need to follow During Pregnancy as a driver or co-passenger. 1. Avoid long distance travel and take a break of 15 minutes if the journey is too long. 2. It …

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